The Strategic Interchange of Ideas

Transportation Planning

Each client requires unique, innovative solutions suited to their needs. Transit and public transportation has always been a primary focus in Strategic Interchange's business development. Having worked with 18 different transit agencies, including GO/Metrolinx, YRT, HSR and many regional & local service agencies across Ontario, in addition to other government departments and organizations at all levels, brings a broad base of knowledge and experience to any new project.

Check out the reports on Hamilton Rapid Transit: Cost Benefit Analysis and Development Uplift Study.

Technically, Strategic Interchange has proficiency in technologies to analyze trends, map, plan, and enact solutions that are consistent with evolving policies, corporate strategic plans, and legislation in a constantly changing environment.

Combining Planning with Design and Publishing provides a complete end-to-end consulting service that ensures data are presented appropriately to the audience, be they senior staff, politicians or the general public, professionally and effectively. Communicate through a variety of media: print materials, e-mail, social networks, websites, presentations, workshops, displays, and video, with a consistent style and messaging.

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